True or False?: The Packers will win the NFC North.

Each week we are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


The Packers will win the NFC North.

Dave G – True. I haven’t hopped on the Lions bandwagon all season and I’m not going to now. I think it has been a lot of smoke and mirrors and they are nowhere near as good as their record suggests.

Dave M – True. Aaron Rodgers is playing at a higher level than any of his peers have reached this season. He could beat this Lions team with his hands tied behind his back. Matthew Stafford has 0 or 1 TD in seven of his last nine games, too; not enough against a team that could put up 30 points without any problems.

Dan – True. I think heading into the playoffs the Packers could be read hot and should not be underestimated right now. They’re playing some of the best football in the league.

John – True. Though I believe that the Lions were the better team this year I know the Packers and they win it’s just what they do.


One of the Jaguars, Browns, 49ers or Bears will win 8 or more games next season.

Dave M – False. The Jags are the most likely. Not just because of the bum Division that they reside in, also because their roster is pretty stacked. A good mix of draftees and veteran free agents that will only get better with their sixth consecutive top-5 Draft position. But then you remember that they are the Jaguars, and they suck. Every year.

Dan – True. I like the Jags and Bears to improve a decent amount next year. I think the Browns win more games next year, but 8 might be a little rich.

John – False. Eight wins might be a bit of a stretch for them but I could see them all having better season. They are all teams moving in the right way.

Dave G – True. But it depends on the coach. The Jags look ready to really step up but it has looked that way for a couple of years now. They have the makings of a very good defence and plenty of pieces on offence. The new coach has a huge job on his hands with Bortles though. The Bears have a chance as well but eight may be a stretch with some big names heading out the door.


The Raiders will win a playoff game without Carr.

Dan – False. I can’t see a team in the playoffs that they can hold their own against.

John – False. I think now is when you will see why Carr is the true MVP in my opinion. I don’t see the Raiders being able to win in the playoffs without him.

Dave G – True. This is assuming they get the 5 seed and not the 2. They can go into Houston and win because Houston are far from good. If they sneak a win this week then I can’t see them beating the Steelers who would be their most likely opponent.

Dave M – False. Sorry Raiders fans, I struggle to think of a more heart-breaking end to a season. What a waste of a bye week. McGloin is as big a downgrade as there is in the NFL, such is the level that Carr has played at this season. But whether it’s Miami or Kansas City, Pittsburgh or Houston, each AFC team will want to travel to Oakland in week 19.



A 5 or 6 seed will make a championship game in either conference.

John – False. I can’t see this again this year.

Dave G – False. But like with the Raiders one I’m assuming the Chiefs get the 2 seed. If the Chiefs are the 5 then they have a great chance, although they would probably have to go into New England and win to get there.

Dave M – True. This is a lock. Kansas City are going to the AFC Championship game. The defence is playing as well as any unit in the AFC and Alex Smith delivers safety and calmness at QB that every Head Coach desires. Don’t forget as well that Alex Smith was an inch or so away from an AFC title tilt against the Pats just two years ago, with a worse Chiefs team than this one. I have to mention Tyreek Hill too, he has all the makings of a postseason MVP.

Dan – True. I think the Chiefs stand a pretty solid chance of making the Championship, they like the Steelers and Packers are in my opinion the hot teams right now, who usually end up causing the odd shock.


Ezekiel Elliot is the MVP

Dan – False. An unpopular view, but I really like Matt Ryan for MVP. James on the pod mentioned that he’s completed passes for touchdowns to 13 different receivers, which is a record. Matt Ryan is getting to the point where he doesn’t get credit for excellent play, much like Drew Brees.

John – False – I can’t see why he would get and I believe that he will. But for me MVP is a player that is you take him out of the team they fall apart. That is why Carr is MVP of the year.

Dave M – False. It is ludicrous to suggest that anyone outside of a QB is the MVP. Elliot has been great, spectacular even, but it was only last year that Darren McFadden notched up a 1000-yard season (only the second time in nine years) and most RBs could be better than they are with the Dallas O-line. The MVP for me is Matt Ryan. He has not had the blips that Rodgers suffered earlier in the season, and right or wrong, Brady had only played 75% of the games this year. Ask yourself where the Falcons would be with Matt Schaub under centre. The answer you’re looking for is: nowhere.

Dave G – False. It is Tom Brady. The MVP award is for the best player in the league. It’s not who is the most valuable to their franchise (even though the drop off to Garoppolo is hugely underrated. Blount and the defence carried the team in those early weeks.) Just like Bill Belichick should be coach of the year every single time, Brady should be MVP. Le’Veon Bell would be my number two for

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