True or False: Steelers and Broncos both make the playoffs

Both the Steelers and Broncos will make the playoffs.

Dave M – True. The AFC is pretty awful when compared to the NFC. Outside of New England, does anybody really stand a chance against the best of the NFC in Houston this February? I don’t think so. But that is good news for both the Steelers and the defending Superbowl champs. Pittsburgh will win their Division, so they’re okay, but that loss on Sunday night in Oakland will prevent them from winning the West, but they are definitely good enough to take one of the wildcards.

Dan – False. One yes. Not both. As discussed on the pod, I think one makes the playoffs at the expense of the other.

Dave G – True. I think both will have just about enough but it wouldn’t shock me if one or even both manage to miss it. I could see the Ravens or Bengals snatching the north and the Broncos are showing big cracks.


The Vikings will win the NFC North.

John – True- The Vikings have fallen off a cliff. This O-line was always going to be the problem with the Vikings. There is only so long you can say “next man up” before it starts to affect the team.

Dan – As a skittish bears fan I’ve learnt that you can NEVER write off Green Bay. The biggest issue on that team is Rodgers and we know he has the ability to turn the season around.

Dave M – True. But not in the dominant fashion I originally thought they would. The Vikings defence is still the best unit in the NFC North, better than Green Bay’s offense. I have Minnesota winning six more games, including all three of the remaining Divisional matchups, that would give them eleven and the tiebreaker over Green Bay, I am not sure how far they’ll go in the Playoffs anymore, but they will win the Division.


Terrelle Pryor is a top 10 wide receiver.

Dan – True. Couldn’t be happier about the success of Pryor. Pryor is a key factor for what makes the Browns watchable (and why Dave keeps picking them to win!)

Dave M – False. 100% false. I’m not even sure he cracks the top fifteen. Part of the reason he looks so good is because he stands out on a squad almost devoid of talent (except for new addition Jamie Collins). He is easily the best athlete  on the offense and as such, is involved in most of their more meaningful plays, but a top ten WR, not for me. Brown, Julio, Beckham, AJ, Dez, Fitzgerald, Demaryious, TY, Jordy, Evans would be my top ten, then Cooper, Baldwin, Benjamin, Jeffrey and Landry.

Dave G – False. But it’s close. I think he is right on the edge of it. He is almost defintely a top 10 athlete and as he gets more experience at the position I think he will become one of the very best. This time next year I think we’ll be talking about him as one of the league’s most dominant recievers.


Jay Ajayi is a top 10 running back.

Dan – True. He’s not the best in the league, but in a year where the usual lot aren’t hitting the mark, Ajayi is a top 5 running back.

Dave M – True, at the moment. But not long term. He is still running with bone-on-bone in his knee and that does not lead to long term success. And a lot of his short term success is because of the O-Line, which is second only to the might of the Cowboys at the moment. Tunsil looks every bit the #1 overall pick he could have been, with Brandon Albert and Jermon Bushrod proving every bit as valuable as the Dolphins hoped they would be when they signed them. All of that may be true, but I’d still rather have Ajayi than Gurley in my fantasy League.

John – True.  He has been one of the best players over the last few weeks in any position. I always think he has had the talent.


The Giants will get one of the wild card spots.

Dave G – True. At 5-3 they are in a good position to make a run over the second half of the season. I’m not sold on any of the teams in the north and can’t see the second place team ending with more than 9 wins. The Saints will lose games down the stretch and I don’t see the Panthers, Cardinals or Redskins putting together a crazy run. I think 10 wins will get them in and that is very much in reach.

Dave M – False. I have long written in this column that the NFC wildcards will come from the North and the East. I am certain that one of the wildcard teams will be either Green Bay or Minnesota which leaves only one possible spot for the Giants, and I would currently place both the Eagles and the Lions ahead of them in the race for the second wildcard.

John –  I don’t know about this the Eagles look good and so do the Skins and the Cowboys you think will take the Division. It’s a big ask but I think they will miss out but only just.

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