True or False: Final London Game of the Season.

Each week the five of us are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


Kirk Cousins is a better quarterback than Andy Dalton

Dan – False. Dalton despite a down year has proved himself as a top 10 QB who makes an active difference to the team. Potentially Cousins could have replaced Dalton as the most average QB in the league.

Ross – False. It’s a close over though as I think both are league average QBS. Maybe because Dalton has Green to play with sways my judgement on them slightly but I till Andy may just pip Kirk.

John –  False. Hell no give me the Red Riffle any day of the week over Kirk. That’s not to say Kirk is bad he just is as good as Andy in my opinion.


A.J. Green is a top 3 receiver in the league.

Dave M – False. He is number four. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and Julio Jones are ahead of him. And I don’t see that changing any time soon. It’s funny, because at times it feels like he is underrated, but I think that is par for the course if the Red Rifle is throwing you the ball. It makes me wonder how good he would be in say, San Diego or New Orleans though.

Ross – False. He is the clear number 4. That in its self is a superb achievement especially this season to thrive whilst being double teamed every snap. 1) Julio 2) Brown 3) Beckham 4) Green. Not bad company

Dan – True. I’ve been a huge Green fan since he came into the league the same year as Julio. As it is I think he’s number 3 behind him and Antonio Brown, with Hopkins at 4 and Beckham at 5.


At least one of these teams will make the playoffs

John – True. I think the Bengals had a tough start to the season but I expect them to really kick on now.

Dan – True(ish). I kinda think the Bengals might put a late season drive together. Their opening run was insane and now they’re face mid tier to lower level competition. In a Division where they’re 1 win behind a Big Ben-less Steelers and a yo-yo Ravens team, they stand a decent chance to win the division.

Dave G – True. I think the Bengals win the next four games and get themselves right in the mix. They haven’t had a bad loss and there are easier games to come. The Redskins I just can’t see it after last week’s loss. That was a big one for them.


Bengals will win this game.

Dave G – True. I think the Bengals win the next four games and get themselves right in the mix. They haven’t really had a bad loss and there are easier games to come. The Redskins I just can’t see it after last weeks loss. That was a big one for them.

Dave M – True. Particularly with Josh Norman absent, AJ Green is going to have another career day – imagine if the QB throwing to him was just slightly better! Also, if you could somehow splice Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard together, you’d have a top-5 RB, the Bengals can make substitutions though, so their R&D  department don’t have to worry about biologically scientific breakthroughs!

Dan – It’s a tough call, but I do think they’ll take this one, if only because I think they have more talent top to bottom.

Ross – True. They’re simply the better team and if Norman can’t get fit to cover Green it’s game over before its even begun

John – True. I just think all around they are the much better team. And they need it a lot more than the Skins.


Twickenham is better for NFL than Wembley.

Dave M – True and False. For everything before you reach the stadium, Twickenham was wonderful. Waaaaay better than the straight shot from Wembley Park to The Arch. The journey was so cool, the atmosphere was buzzing, the food was good, it felt more like a tailgate than the official tailgate! Once inside though, Wembley is better in every department – amenities, refreshments, merchandise – except for atmosphere, which is a tie. Twickenham did a great job, better than I thought they would, but let’s not write off Wembley just yet.

John – I have to admit that the whole game day experience was a lot better at Twickenham. Now I don’t know if that’s because it was there first time and they really wanted to push the boat out or if it will be like it again next year.

Dave G – True-ish. I really enjoyed the day and the stadium. I thought the atmosphere was better than any of the Wembley games. My only real complaint was the size of the seats. I’m 6ft4 so there


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