True or False?: Giants at Rams International Series Special

Each week the five of us are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


Excluding injuries, Jared Goff will start at least one game this season.

Dave G – True. There are reports that Goff will get more reps in practice going forward and it feels like the right thing to do. Keenum had a good game last week but I expect him to come back to earth quickly. Goff needs to play and if the Rams lose this week then it is getting to the point where they need to start looking at next year and get their new quarterback in there.

Dave M – False. LA is Case Keenum’s town and he ain’t giving it up without a fight. Even though they’re going to finish 7-9, they’ll be close to the playoffs until week 14 or so. Forget about Goff for now. This was the way the book read when he was coming out of college, he’s never even been in a huddle, let alone taken a snap under center. He doesn’t even know where the sun sets! 2017 is the year of the Goff.

Dan – True. I don’t feel good about this, but if you assume that at some point Case Keenum will have a game so bad they simply can’t put him in any more. That being said there’s a good chance we see Sean Mannion take the field before Goff.

Ross – True. Talk this week seems to suggest Goff will be starting sooner rather than later, which after the performance from Keenan last week seems very odd. Keenum is playing at his career best right now, benching him could ruin him.


Both head coaches will still be in charge of their teams at the start of next season.

Ross -True. As much as I want to see Jeff Fisher fired the strong start they made this year will see him get another reprise. McAdoo is still new to the job and the Giants famously give their coaches lots of time

John – True. Neither are doing much wrong but they don’t look exciting really do they. I can’t see them being fired by next year.

Dave G – True. I have said for a long time that I think that Jeff Fisher needs to go for the Rams to move forward but I don’t see it happening unless they have a big collapse and finish with less than six wins. There have been some signs that the Rams could turn things around and it’s a big if, but if Goff can come in and play well then maybe Fisher can finally get to nine wins.


At least one of these two teams will make the playoffs.

Ross – False – The Giants are arguably the worst team in the East and although the Rams started nicely the Seahawks and Cardinals are far superior teams in the West

John – False- This is a hard one both teams are not really doing anything thing wrong but I think their Divisions are both too strong for them to just be okay and make Playoffs.

Dan – False. I just don’t think there’s enough playoff spots to go around. In the NFC West you’d have to think that the Cards and Seahawks will be good enough to make it out of the division. Then being the jilted Bears fan I am, I can’t help but think the Packers will turn this around and make it to the playoffs through the wild card. So that would leave the Giants needing to win the division, which I think the Cowboys have to be the favourites for.


There will be 50 or more points scored in this game,

Dave M – True. Now that Odell got his groove back, the Giants will surely be able to move up and down the field with ease and that will lead to the Rams having to throw and throw and throw some more in order to keep pace. It will be above 50 points, but it will be a blow out win for the G-Men.

Dan – False. This is a bad matchup for both offences. If anything, I think we’ll see quite a defensive game, with mistakes from both QBs

John – False that’s a lot and I just can’t see them both putting up 25 each.


The Rams will win the game.

Dave M – False. In their games against the 49ers, the Buccs, the Bills and the Lions, the Rams allowed an average of more than 30 points! Yes, that average drops to below 18 vs Arizona and Seattle, but Los Angeles is a team that is built to play those teams hard, they went 4-2 in Division last year. The problem is that it doesn’t work against teams not in their division. And after Beckham goes for 150 yards and two TDs in the first half on Sunday, the Rams best weapon, Todd Gurley, will be increasingly marginalised as the Rams try and keep up.

Dan – False. The Rams Secondary has taken some massive hits over the last couple of weeks and I have to think that although he won’t play mistake free, the Giants exceptionally powerful receiver group will win out.

John – False- I think NYG will have this it’s was so close that I flipped a coin to decide. It should be a really good tight game between two okay sides.

Dave G – True. I’ve gone back and forward on this and I think the fact that the Rams have spent the whole week here will be the difference. The Colts and Jaguars both looked a little sloppy in the last game after arriving on the Friday and the Giants have done the same this week. I don’t feel confident in picking them, but I think the Rams will edge it.



Bonus- The Odell Beckham and the net story is actually funny.

Dave M – I like it. Although the funniest part of the story was when the net hit him! I’m not sure if I will still be laughing if the bit is still running in week 17, but for now, it’s fine.

Dan –  False. It was funny the 1st time, now it’s a tired joke…. it’s the Little Britain of NFL celebrations.

John –  Has OBJ finally figured out it’s okay to laugh at yourself? I think not. When you are winning it’s all fun and games but he is a bad loser (and lot of the greats are it what pushes them on) and he needs to learn how to lose with dignity.

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