Week Five Power Rankings: Broncos up to No.1

It feels like the season has just got under way but we are already a quarter of the way through the season.

Things are starting to take shape with the playoff contenders starting to step up. There is a clear top five to ten teams starting to emerge but after that it is all a bit muddled with the like of the Cardinals and Panthers having rocky starts to the season and that is shown as they are the two biggest fallers in the rankings.

The biggest movers up the rankings from last time are the Falcons who move up nine spots. The Raiders and Eagles have also made significant jumps up and find themselves in our top 10 teams.

Same five people doing the rankings as always – myself (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca)

Please let us know your thoughts.

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