True or False?: Matt Ryan is the MVP through four weeks

Each week the five of us are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


Through four weeks, Matt Ryan is the MVP.

Dan – True. There is no question. Leading the league in completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns, yards and passer rating. Matt Ryan has done that thing that only the greats do, where his best receiver is whoever is open.

Ross – True. He’s been full on Matty Ice in the opening quarter of the season and in Julio he has in my opinion the best receiver in the whole league. With the defence they have or maybe don’t have Ryan is going to need to continue playing at MVP levels to finish up in a playoff spot this year

Dave G – True. He is probably the one player that has really stood out over four weeks other than Julio Jones. Right now Ryan is the only choice. I don’t expect that to be the case when the award is actually handed out though.

John – True. I think this is correct but it’s Matt Ryan. Expect him to go back to being distinctly average any time now. I hope I’m wrong.

Dave M – True. Undeniably. Who has been better? Nobody. Will he stay there? History would say no, but after four weeks no-one is close.


The Patriots lose no more than one game over the rest of the regular season.

Dave G – True. I have never felt more confident in a Patriots team. There is so much that I love about it. I try not to do it but I think I am fully in on them this season. Best defence for a number of years, Brady in F you mode and the coaching staff as good as ever.

Dave M – False. It takes a special team and a special schedule to get more than the 12 wins the Pats usually end up with. I have them going 12-4 with losses in Pittsburgh, vs Seattle and in Denver. They’ll still finish atop the East with a first round bye though.

John – True. A Ticked off Tom is scary we all know that. I expect them to run away with the AFC now.


The Browns are better than some 1-3/2-2 teams.

John – True. Not by much though. You can see when you watch the Browns that they are moving forward. It’s still going to be a long season for them but I believe when they get their first win that will help a lot because it takes a while to shake off the losing mentality that they have.

Ross – True. They’ve been in every game they’ve played this season and bar a few silly mistakes or lack of concentration in big spots they could easily be 2-2. Hue Jackson has been a success so far even though the record says otherwise. Now all he needs is to be given some time to pick the players he wants over the next few drafts.

Dan – False. They’re currently the most talent poor team in the league. However the potential is there. This is a long term rebuild and it might actually work. I have to think they’ll get better, a lot better.


Both the Cardinals and Panthers will miss the playoffs.

Dave G – True. If the Cardinals lose to the 49ers this week then I think they could put themselves too far back. The Panthers are really struggling as well. Both team’s QB could miss some time as well. It comes down the Falcons for me. If they keep this up then the division could already be gone for the Panthers. It’s hard to see the Packers or Vikings not getting one of the wild card spots and then it comes down to the likes of the Rams, a couple of teams from the east and these two teams.One of them could well get that spot but it’s hard to see both making it in. This is a tough one.

Dan – False. It’s possible but I just can’t see either of these teams not turning it round by the end of the season. I do think it’s possible that one of these teams makes the playoffs at the expense of the other though.

Ross – False. Well kind of. The Cardinals are in real trouble if Palmer can’t return from his injury in the next few weeks, if they drop to 1-4 with still two games against the Seahawks to play they are going to face a massive uphill battle to make the wildcard after not starting great when Palmer was full strength. The Panthers are a strange one as they’ve only really lost Josh Norman who outside of the panthers system is being exposed somewhat, but I’d still expect a run for the south as surely the Falcons can’t win shootouts every week….. Can they?


Tony Romo will never start for the Cowboys again.

Dave M – False. This is still Romo’s team. Dak Prescott may be the Cowboys QB of the future, but Romo is their QB right now! He may not make TWO more starts for them, such are his injury woes, but he will definitely make one more.

Dan – False. Romo is the starting QB of that team until proven otherwise. Sure he might only have a couple more in him, but I think he will at least start one more.

Ross – False. Jerry won’t be able to help himself as soon as he sees Romo on the practice field he’ll send the message to get #9 back under centre for the remaining games, even if he were to go down again though the ‘boys have finally found the answer at QB with Prescott.

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