True or False: International Series Special

Each week the five of us are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false. This week we have an International Series special.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


Andrew Luck is a top five quarterback.

Dave G – True. When I was thinking about this I was trying to think which teams would be improved with Luck at QB. The only ones I feel confident in saying wouldn’t are the Packers and Patriots. I’m not saying he is definitely ahead of the likes of Roethlisberger, but I feel I could make a strong argument that he is as high as three.

Dan – True. You can tier the QBs and in my eyes Andrew Luck ends up at 5 on the dot, behind Cam, Brees, Brady and Roethlisberger, just a hair ahead of Russell Wilson.

Ross – True. In terms of pure skill then yes I’d say he is. However, the way he’s playing currently which albeit may not be entirely his own fault *cough* offensive line *cough* I’d say he’s borderline top 10-12.

John – False. He started with so much promise but what has he actually done? Nothing. He needs to show me again why I should believe that he should be anywhere near this discussion.

Dave M – True. The Colts struggles are not due to Andrew Luck. The last time Luck completed a full season, he led Indy to the AFC title game after all. He cannot be downgraded because the team around him is talent-poor any more than Wilson or Newton should be upgraded because they have top-5 defences. I believe that Andrew Luck would improve any team in the League, outside of New England and Green Bay. Imagine him behind Dallas’s O-line, or in Minnesota with that defence, not having to put up 30+ points per game. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said last week if he was starting an NFL roster from scratch, he’d pick Luck as the QB, and who am I to disagree.


Colts vs Jaguars will be the best of the three London games.

Dave M – True. No defences! This game could produce 80 points, the way that the Colts sling it, and the way that Bortles owns garbage time, this will be more exciting than either of the other two games. If not for Gurley and Beckham, the Twickenham game would be a snooze fest and Cincinnati should comfortably put the hurt on Washington.

Ross – True. Both teams play very little defence and have at times explosive offences. Hopefully this will be a shootout and that’s definitely not because I have Andrew Luck and Allen Robinson on my fantasy team.

Dan – True-ish. This really depends on what kind of football you prefer watching, because I don’t think we’ll see a great deal of defence. Personally I’m more of a fan of 2 well rounded teams facing each other, but in terms of pure excitement then yes, this is probably the best of the 3.


The Colts will beat the Jaguars.

Dan – True. In reality I’m about 60-40 on the side of the Colts in this one. The Jags will no doubt play hard (there’s a lot of jobs on the line), but at the end of the day I think the difference will be Andrew Luck

John – False. The Jags are not the team we expected them to be are they? Or are they? I expect this is the game where their season turns around. The defence is going to turn up big in this game.

Dave G – True. I really want to believe in the Jags and I felt like I was as big of a believer as there was in the preseason but I should have learnt from the past. This team has so much talent and I think when Josh McDaniels (please stay at the Pats, Josh) takes over this team he’ll turn them into contenders. As it is, Gus Bradley’s time is running out and I think this will be the final nail in the coffin as Luck leads the Colts to victory.


Allen Robinson is the best receiver on either roster.

Dave M – Maybe. But maybe TY Hilton is. People mistake Hilton as one dimensional, just a speed demon running a deep route, but he brings more than that to this Colts team. He has three 1000 yard seasons in four years in the League and averages 70 catches a year. Compare that to some of players with similar traits, like John Brown of Arizona, or Mike Wallace and you’ll see. Robinson got twice as many TDs as Hilton last season, sure, but how much of that is scheme? We all know Luck looks for his Tight Ends in the red zone. I’m not saying Hilton is better than Robinson, I think that’s subjective, but neither of these guys are in the same league as Beckham, Brown, or AJ Green, and I think they’re closer than most.

John – True. Is this just him being good or a lack of good WR in both teams? I think it is most definitely the first he will show that this week he is one of the top WR about.

Dan – False. He might not even be the best receiver on the Jags roster. In terms of stats he had an outstanding year, but Allen Hurns and TY Hilton are more versatile. Trying to get my head round why Hilton doesn’t get the love he deserves.

Ross – False. I have a unhealthy love for the game of TY Hilton, he’s underperformed somewhat this season so far but last week’s 71 yard game winning TD catch and run was pure Hilton at his best, Robinson is a very close second though.



There will be a combined three or more interceptions thrown in the game.

Ross – True. Luck and Bortles have been turnover machines so far this season so I’d look for that trend to continue this week.

Dave M – True. If there’s one thing we know about Andrew Luck, it’s that he goes for it. All the time. He has an outrageous capacity for compartmentalisation, and could throw three picks on his own and still lead the Colts to victory. Bortles will probably throw one or two as well, so three or more is a virtual lock. Plus, neither of these teams can run the ball! There might be 100 pass attempts!

Dan – True. Two of the most pick-happy QBs. I could see each QB throwing 3, you know… If the defences were better.

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