True or False? Garoppolo’s future, Seahawks problems on offence and will Luck ever win a Super Bowl?

Each week the five of us are going to look at some of the biggest topics in the NFL and decide whether a statement is true or false.

We also have our first power rankings of the season with a familiar face at n0.1.

This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), Ross Bell (@RossBell1984) and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.

Seahawks fans should be worried about the offence.

Dan – True. Okay a rant coming… The Seahawks offensive line has consistently been one of the worst in the league, but has been covered up by Marshawn Lynch’s big play ability and Russell Wilson’s ability to extend plays on bootlegs/ rollouts and exceptional pocket presence. This season they have no Lynch and an injured Wilson, leaving them with nothing to cover up the biggest weakness on the team. This is just a small part of a systematic failure to protect some of the most valuable QBs in the league. See also Green Bay and their receivers and Indianapolis and their whole team.

John – They do not seem to know who they are on offence at the moment .This could just be Wilson not being 100% it’s only week two so let’s not overreact.

Dave M – True. If Wilson can’t run, the opposing defence has a better shot of stopping Seattle before they even get on to the gridiron. Also, Rawls looks like a sure fire candidate to get injured again and Christine Michael still isn’t quite the RB they hope for. That said, with a defence this good, they don’t need to score a ton of points each week, so as far as worries go, Seahawks fans are hardly in the same boat as, for example, the Colts.


Jimmy Garoppolo will be starting in week one of next season.

Dave M – False, unless Jacoby Brissett really turns it on over the next two weeks. With Brady getting on a bit now, the need for a quality backup in New England is greater than it ever has been. Jimmy G might not be the future in Foxboro, but he has been impressive so far and Belichick will keep him on his rookie deal for as long as he can, unless he gets a premium price and some team might be willing to give up a second (first?) round draft pick to get him. But if Brissett turns it on against the Texans and Bills, then everything I’ve written becomes about him and Garoppolo will be starting in Chicago or Washington next year.

Dave G – True. Just look at some of the quarterbacks starting right now. Garoppolo looked very good in the six quarters we saw of him and I think somebody will take a chance on him. I think it will take at least a first rounder to get him and perhaps more than that. Maybe these two weeks have convinced Bill that he has his quarterback of the future though.

Dan – True: I love this question. This is a league with 32 teams and 12 decent quarterbacks, with rare opportunities to improve in the draft, I mean just look at what both Philadelphia and LA gave up to move up in the draft. Look at what Minnesota gave up for Bradford. The QB famine is so great that someone will make New England an offer they simply can’t turn down.


Andrew Luck will never win a Super Bowl with the Colts.

Ross – False – Never say never, all they need is a new offensive line and an entire new Defence. Surely that’s not too much to ask…

Dan – True: This just makes me angry. Andrew Luck is the most talented QB to come out of the draft since Aaron Rodgers. He is the safest bet I can remember, giving a team a guaranteed franchise QB from day one. So what have the Colts done to help him progress to being potentially one of the greatest of all time? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They have kept the team devoid of talent, giving him no chance to win poor coaching to stifle his progress. Andrew Luck needs a decent mentor, like he had with Arians to progress and the Colts need an Ethos change to even be the top team in that division. Try and imagine a Colts team coached by Bill O Brien and what he could do with Andrew Luck. On a different note I actually think the next Head Coach of the Colts could be at Michigan State, which would be very interesting.

Dave G – False. But my opinion is changing all the time. I love Andrew Luck but he needs some help. The team addressed some of the problems and another good couple of drafts could be enough to get them to where they need to be. Right now though I don’t even see them making the playoffs. It’s such a waste of such a talented quarterback.


This is Gus Bradley’s final season with the Jaguars.

Dave G – True. Something has to change there. I know it is only two weeks but have the team really moved forward enough? I don’t think so. There is so much talent, even if the team is pretty young. If the Jags aren’t at least in the hunt for a wildcard spot then I don’t see how Bradley is in charge next year.

John – True. Wow everyone was hot on the Jags this year and young team moving in the right direction. Week 1 they take Green Bay all the way. Then you have this week’s shambles. If the Jags do not finish with at least 9-8 this year you have to feel his time is done.

Ross – True – this start hasn’t helped. I thought before the season he’d need to get the team to .500 to have another year as the HC that’s already looks to be an uphill struggle


The Giants will win the NFC east.

John – True. Did people forget how good Victor Cruz is? With him OBJ and Shepard this looks scary good. They have made improvements on the defence that was lacking last year so in a word – yes. But if Romo was fit all year for the Cowboys I might have been tighter.

Ross – False, The Eagles have started strongly and I love the look of Wentz early in his career. Why the Browns passed on him baffles the mind

Dave M – False. The Cowboys will. I’m just not convinced by the G-Men. And a win over New Orleans is not the sort of thing that’s going to change my mind! I think that New York are built to beat Dallas, so might go 2-0 vs the Cowboys, but just as LA are built to beat Seattle, that doesn’t make a good recipe to beat other quality teams. The Giants are way better than the Rams though! 8-8, maybe 9-7.

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