NFL Week 17 Playoff, Draft and other Scenarios


New England Patriots will clinch the first seed with a win or a loss for the Broncos and Bengals.

Denver Broncos will clinch the first seed with a win and a Patriots loss. They will secure a first-round bye with a win or a Bengals and Chiefs loss.

Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West with a win and a Broncos loss.

Cincinnati Bengals will be the third seed unless they win and the Broncos lose or the Broncos lose and Chiefs win, then they will be the second seed.

Houston Texans will win the AFC South and secure the fourth seed unless all of these things happen and then the Indianapolis Colts will win the division.

  1. Colts beat Titans
  2. Falcons beat Saints
  3. Steelers win or tie with the Browns
  4. Bills Jets
  5. Jaguars beat Texans
  6. Ravens win at Bengals
  7. Dolphins beat Patriots
  8. Broncos beat Chargers
  9. Raiders win or tie with the Chiefs

The two wildcard spots will be between four teams – the runner up in the AFC West, the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chiefs and Broncos have already secured a playoff berth.

The Steelers need to win and the Jets lose to make it in.

The Jets will make it into the playoffs if they win or the Steelers lose.


All six teams in the NFC have secured their places in the postseason. However, week 17 will decide the seedings with only the Washington Redskins locked in to the fourth seed.

Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals have clinched the top two seeds and a first-round bye. For the Cardinals to get the first seed and home-field advantage they would need win and the Panthers to lose. Any other outcome will see the Panthers secure the first seed.

Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings play in week 17. The winner will be the third seed and the loser will take one of the wildcard places.

Seattle Seahawks will be the other wildcard. They will be the sixth seed unless they win and the Vikings lose. Any other outcome will see the NFC North runner up as the fifth seed.

Other Scenarios

nfldraftFirst Overall Pick

Tennessee Titans or Cleveland Browns will have the first overall pick in the 2016 draft. A loss for the Titans would secure the first pick due to their weaker strength of schedule. A Browns win would also lock up the top spot in the draft.

The Browns will need a loss and Titans win to be the first team on the clock in next year’s draft.

No other teams can get the first pick due to their strength of schedule.

Who’s Heading to London?

The loser of the week 17 game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles will head to London next year to face the St. Louis Rams.

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